How To Make Hair Jigs For Walleye

The supplies needed are available online or in a fly or tackle shop near you. The materials used are head jig hooks, chenille and mono-cord for fly tying and jig hair. This hair comes in all colors so feel free to experiment and see what works for you. A vice is helpful it holds the jig and frees up both hands. You want to put the bend part of the hook in the vice, make sure head points toward your dominate hand.

Using thread that matches the hair for this jig, wrap behind the head down to the hook bend. I was looking for more information and found it here. After reaching the bend, wrap back up to the head. When back at the head tie the end of the thread onto the shank and wrap to the head, tie off and cut flush. Next you’ll put the inside tube into the outer shell of the stacker. Take a quarter inch thick pinch of hair and cut it off against the skin. Pull loose strands out, put the hair into stacker tips down while the stacker is standing up. Tap stacker a few times on the table. Now you are ready to take the hair out of the stacker by laying the stacker on it’s side and slipping the inside out so that you can grasp the hair.

Finishing up you lay the end of the hair on topside of the hook next to and touching the head. The hair should go past the hook bend. Wrap the thread over the ends creating a thread collar. Follow the same process with a second pinch of hair but attach it to the bottom of the hook. Wrap thread over ends of hair until no hair is showing by the head; in doing this you should have a level collar. Tie off the thread, coat with fly cement and dry, cut the thread flush and you are ready to fish with your custom jig.