5 Best Places To Go Camping And Hiking In Montana

From remarkable mountain lakes to welcoming towns enclosed by lovely nature offering a wealth of happenings, Montana is a fantasy destination for folks who love the outdoors.

Montana was named after its mountains and has no shortage of hiking trails. The landscape of Montana is diverse, ranging from grasslands to glaciers and everything in between. The camping and hiking locations are very remote and rustic, do not expect any amenities at the camp sites so please be sure to bring all gear needed with you, especially a good backpacking tent.

Recently I have started using a camping hammock during the summers because of their exceptional light weight and ease of setup. All you need are two trees and there are no shortage of them!


The Five Best Hiking and Camping Destinations in Montana:

1. Ross Creek Cedars

This is a trail for everyone young or old. The Cabinet Mountains are home to ancient red cedars some of which are more than 175 ft. tall and eight ft. In diameter. The Ross Creek Cedars have survived a myriad of tragedies: floods, insects and even fires.

The flat 1-mile trail circles through the old-growth woods underneath a canopy so impenetrable it shades the moist forest ground even on sunny days. Along the track, trekkers discover cedar castles scooped out by fire and floored cedars rejuvenating new growth. The thick overhead canopy—habitation to pine martens—hinders so much light that only species that are tolerant of shade such as luxurious ferns, and delicate white foam flowers can grow on the floor. Next to the trail flows Ross Creek, where hikers might be rewarded with a glimpse of mink or an American dipper.

So that you are not disappointed, call in advance to check whether the trail is open. Beginning mid-July, many elevation trails may close due to snowpack.

2. Greenough Lake, Red Lodge

You must put Greenough Lake, Red Lodge on your bucket list. The lake is easily accessible from the camping ground, in fact only a half mile. You can go fishing or do what the locals love: feed the fish with pieces of cheese. The lake nestles at the bottom of the Beartooth Mountain. The campground is snuggled on a creek which should make for plenty of splashing, fishing, and wading.


3. Cooney State Park, MT

This popular park is a mere 40 miles to the south of Billings. You can go boating, playing in the water, fishing and camping. The camp has five camping grounds all around the lake, as well rainbow and trout fishing. This is one of the few campground that offers quite a few amenities.

Available amenities

· Picnic Tables

· Picnicking

· Playground

· Skiing – Water

· Swimming – Reservoir

· Toilet, Pit/Vault

· Trails, Hiking, Moderate

· Water Drinking

· Water Skiing

If you are bringing dogs, note that they must be on a leash.

4. Glacier National Park

An enormous national park that straddles the United States-Canada boundary incorporating over 1 million acres, two mountain ranges, an excess of 130 lakes, and numerous plant and Animal’s species. The camp has 1009 sites to choose from and 13 campgrounds. There will be no limitations to the places that you can call home while on Glacier. It is an outdoor fanatic’s utopia, with a variety of recreational events to enjoy, such as hiking, biking, mountain climbing, camping and wildlife watching. The park’s environments comprise jagged mountains, serene lakes, alpine forests, and meadows with 700 miles of trails meander just waiting to be discovered.

5. Lowland Campground

Tranquility is the one word that describes Lowland Campground . It has 12 units that will accommodate your trailer and some tent pads too. You can fish at the adjacent Maney Lake or take a hike at the continental divide national scenic drive. Go ahead and plan that trip to Montana now.

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